Sting and Shaggy new album commercial promotion, Marriot hotel.

Directed by Damien Rigolet and produced by Various Artist

Sound recording and Designing by Aube Production LTD

Parrot Bepop 2 Commercial

Directed and Dop by Jean Eude Bazin and Produced by Awkeye

Sound Design and Voice recording by Aube Production LTD



Directed and Produced by Longhaulfilms US.

Sound Recording by our team Aube Production LTD



Director are looking for Sound Design in order to make their Music Video for the artist more modern and impactive this is where our company can interact.



Directed by Kamerameha production

Produced by Les Primates

Sound recording and sound design by Aube Production LTD

DADJU sans theme remix feat Mhd, Alonzo, Naza, Vegedream

Directed by Nicolas Noel and produced by New Vizion with marjane Slami

Dop by Benjamin Marin and Camera operator by Calvin tournie

Sound Recording, Designing and Mixing by Aube Production LTD

VEGEDREAM - C’est mon annee

Directed by Nicolas Noel

Produced by New Vizion Film

Sound by Aube Production LTD


FRANGLISH FEAt alonzo - VARgas

Directed by Nicolas noel and Dop by Bertrand Marin

Produced by Marjane Slami

Steady cam: Calvin tournie

Sound by our team